Disney's Grand Californian Hotel
Collectible Tile

Handcraft Tile is proud to have been selected as the exclusive manufacturer of this collectible tile.

This beautiful, craftsman tile features a double-border around a redwood tree and is a replica of Disney's Grand Californian Hotel icon. Each tile is numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The glaze is called Monterey Jade.

Handcraft Tile was selected for this project because it is the only tile manufacturer on the West Coast whose roots extend back to the Arts and Crafts era. Handcraft Tile has maintained continuous operations since its founding in 1926!

This special tile can only be purchased at the Acorn Gift Store in the Grand Californian Hotel.

Each tile is stamped on the back with the following:

"Made Exclusively for Disney's Grand Californian Hotel, By Handcraft Tile".

Each tile is hand-numbered and carries the Disney copyright.